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Parami and rent-a-robot

Rent-A-Robot is a retailing site that provides various range of advanced tech products, powered by Parami.

Found in 2018, we aim to bring artificial technology and digital transformation to enterprises. We specialize in big data analysis, data storage service, data migration and software hardware solutions.

We were admitted to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Incu-App programme and Taiwan-based Appworks accelerator. During the years, we have implemented various projects, ranging from commercial, government and non-profit organizations.  


localized system rent-a-robot

Localized System

1st company in HK focusing on Cantonese AI. Support Cantonese, English & Chinese Speech and Text Processing system

wide coverage rent a robot

Wide Coverage

Providing all kinds of products and solution services. Ensure all your needs to be fulfilled only on Rent-A-Robot.

personalized service rent a robot

Personalized Service

Customize your automation plan with our experienced AI automation professions to resolve your worries. 

Customer Support

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